Andrea was the only daughter of a family of dentists in a millionaire lake suburb in the Minneapolis metro area. She had two very successful brothers, both dentists. But she had dropped out of several higher degree pursuits before settling on the ubiquitous and barely useable Masters of Public Health.

That med school pressure from her family never ever subsided.

She had all fake teeth due to many years of an eating disorder and an overly-dental family. She only wore J. Crew – usually a horizontal striped long sleeve midi dress, tights, flats, and a J. Crew sweater coat.

He never casually made her way from one place to another – she flinged herself panicked from one room to the next. She always seemed like she was having an emergency – she often was. As the very sad mother of two children, she both resented her children and used them as an excuse to never be at work.

One day I was telling a friend how excited I was about a new vacuum, the Dyson Stick Vacuum, and she literally ran over from three rooms away to yell that it’ll NULLIFY THE WARRANTY ON MY CARPET!

Bitch, I don’t have carpet! Ew!